Geek Of The Week: Joanna Hoffman

Geek Of The Week: Joanna Hoffman

Who is Joanna Hoffman???

She was the fifth member of the original Macintosh team (the first female team member) headed by Jef Raskin. Hoffman went to work for Apple in 1980 as a marketing specialist. Ironically, Joanna did not have a marketing background. Previous to her work at Apple, she was an archeologist and physicist.

group Geek Of The Week: Joanna Hoffman
Hoffman (3rd from left) in 1984

During her years at Apple, Hoffman authored the original Macintosh User Interface Guidelines. This document came to be as much a part of the Mac as its recognizable hard drive icons. While working at Apple, she met Alain Rossmann, now a well-known name in the wireless industry, and they worked together on the Mac’s multilingual capabilities. This was  a new concept at the time, and it made the Mac an international computing platform. Hoffman and Rossmann eventually started dating, fell in love, got married, had children, and have since lived happily ever after.

So there you have it, from archeology to happy endings, the Geek Trio salutes Joanna Hoffman, geek of the week.

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