Geek Gift Idea: Christmas Lights Planner

Geek Gift Idea: Christmas Lights Planner

Have you ever tried to decorate your house with Christmas lights? It’s not an easy process. How many do I need? What sizes? What colors? Blinking or solid? Arrrrrrg!

Summitsoft has solved this problem with their Christmas Lights Planner (CLP) software for Windows (no Mac or Linux versions yet). Simply take a picture of your house, load it into the software, and start decorating. CLP can show you different times of day and weather conditions, so you really know what it will look like. Then, once you’re satisfied with your layout, CLP will print off a shopping list so you know how many lights to buy and what sizes. Not bad for a $9.99 piece of shareware.

Now if only they create a software program to hang them. icon wink Geek Gift Idea: Christmas Lights Planner

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