Geek Of The Week: David Byrne

Geek Of The Week: David Byrne

One of the most iconic bands associated with new wave music movement (a popular geek genre) is Talking Heads. This quartet was active from 1974 until 1991, during which time they recorded 8 studio albums, 2 live albums, and 2 feature films. The group was fronted by musical genius and uber geek David Byrne.

Byrne was born in Scotland, and moved to Canada (later to the US) before he started school. His interest in music started at a young age, and progressed throughout his childhood. He started his first band in high school, despite the fact that he was kicked out of the choir for being “off key and withdrawn.” He kept pursuing music and formed a band called The Artistics during college with friend (and fellow student) Chris Frantz. With Frantz on drums, and Byrne on guitar, their vision was starting to come together. Byrne and Frantz convinced Tina Weymouth, Franz’s girlfriend, to start playing bass and join their band. She agreed. Talking Heads was officially formed in 1974 with Byrne on guitar, Franz on drums, & Weymouth on bass. Three years later, guitarist/keyboardist Jerry Harrison would join the lineup and remain a member until the official breakup in 1991.

talkingheads Geek Of The Week: David Byrne
Talking Heads: Weymouth, Frantz, Harrison, & Byrne

In addition to his contributions to new wave music, Byrne has also been very active in movie soundtracks and theater scoring. He has done several benefits for charity, and has even tried his hand at visual art with several art gallery showings around the country. Byrne is a self-proclaimed geek and his clothing choices during the 80’s certainly reinforced that. Geek Trio proudly adds David Byrne to our list of celebrated geeks.

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