XBMC On The AppleTV 2

XBMC On The AppleTV 2

I thought mighty hard about getting a media server. I thought about making a HTPC but spending $300+ was not a viable option to me, even though I have really wanted one for a while. I finally narrowed it down ย and decided between the Roku or the Apple TV2. Since I use Apple products and know how well they interact with each other I decided on the Apple TV2. I knew what I was getting into, as I knew they could be “enhanced” with a good ol’ jailbreak. So… that was the first thing I did was to Jailbreak it. It was definitely a good decision, as the Apple TV2 right out of the box is ok, but when jaibroke and apps are added… it becomes one of the best devices under $100. That device got A LOT cooler now that XBMC has been ported over to the Apple TV 2.


Note: For this hack to work you’ll of course have to have your Apple TV 2 jailbroken and running ATV version 4.1 or 4.2.1.

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