Geek Of The Week: Marissa Mayer

Geek Of The Week: Marissa Mayer

For our next GOTW, Geek Trio salutes Google’s Marissa Mayer. She currently holds the title of Vice President, Search Product and User Experience for the world’s largest & most popular search engine. In other words, she is the gatekeeper of Google’s product releases. From Gmail, ┬áto Google Maps, to Google Earth, to iGoogle… nothing hits the web without Marissa’s sign-off. Considering Google has been repeatedly complimented (by various sources) on their sleek user interface and intrinsic intuitiveness, her accomplishments are obvious. Today, Google is worth over $150 billion!

mayer2 255x300 Geek Of The Week: Marissa Mayer
Mayer at the Googleplex

Mayer began working for Google in 1999. At the time, Google had approximately 20 employees and was trying hard to compete with Yahoo, LookSmart, and Lycos. She has since become one of the public faces of the company appearing at several press events and announcing many of Google’s new products. Armed with a fantastic smile and a great rhetoric, she’s taken on this task with no regrets. At age 34, Mayer became the youngest person ever to make Fortune magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Women In The World list. This accomplishment certainly warrants a tip of the cap from us.

marissa mayer Geek Of The Week: Marissa Mayer
Mayer presenting for Google

Congratulations Marissa. The Geek Trio loves you!!!

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