Geek Of The Week: Máirín Duffy

Geek Of The Week: Máirín Duffy

Many of you are saying… who the heck is Máirín (pronounced like Maureen) Duffy? You might not know this lady’s name, but you probably know some of her work.

Duffy is a Senior Interaction Designer for Red Hat. She leads the Fedora design team. Máirín is an avid artist, and she happens to be very involved in the OSS (open source software) community. Needless to say, she is a huge fan of Inkscape. Duffy is also a contributor on the GNOME project, and co-founder of GNOMEWomen.

These contributions alone make her worthy of GOTW status. However, she is also known as the lady who introduced public schools to OSS. In, 2010, Duffy headed a project to teach Inkscape to middle schoolers. It was an outside the box idea that had great results. For being someone who believes in the power of open source software, we proudly declare Máirín Duffy our 71st geek of the week.

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