The Decline Of The Laptop?

The Decline Of The Laptop?

About 6 years ago, the tech industry started talking about “the decline of the desktop.” Analysts postulated that the growing popularity of laptops (and other mobile devices) would make desktop computers obsolete within the next decade. Laptop sales exceeded desktop sales for the first time in 2008, and laptops have since been widening this margin. Now with the growing popularity of tablet PCs, many are claiming we are currently experiencing “the decline of the laptop” or more appropriately “the rise of the tablet.”

A recent Nielsen survey shows that 35% of tablet owners have used desktop computers less since acquiring their tablet. The same study indicated that 32% of them also reported using laptop computers less. In short, about 1/3 of tablet owners are reporting less need for a desktop or laptop after buying a tablet. tablet-style computers become more powerful and more sophisticated, this number will undoubtedly increase. Is this truly the decline of the laptop? And what is the future of the desktop? Are tablets the way of the future? Time will tell.

chart The Decline Of The Laptop?

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