Geek Of The Week: Chris Espinosa

Geek Of The Week: Chris Espinosa

Chris Espinosa went to work for Apple Computer in 1976 when the company was still based in Steve Jobs‘ parents’ garage. At age 14, he becameĀ Apple employee #8 after demonstrating some software he’d written. Needless to say, Jobs was impressed with Espinosa’s talent. His early contributions included programming on the Apple I and authoring many of the original software manuals. At age 17, he enrolled in the University of California at Berkely and it was there that he met Andy Hertzfeld, who went to work for Apple in 1979. Around 1981, Espinosa began work on the Macintosh project along with Burrell Smith, Bill Atkinson, and many others.

cde2 Geek Of The Week: Chris Espinosa
Espinosa (right) with Smith and Atkinson, circa 1984

He is still employed at Apple and has worked on many of the company’s flagship projects, including Mac OS X. He currently holds the title of Development Engineering Manager on the Xcode project (I apologize if this is not accurate, it’s the latest title I could find). Espniosa has been a frequent speaker at Apple’s WWDC conference, and he maintains a blog & Twitter feed for his fans. He is Apple’s most senior employee and he is more than qualified to accept our geek of the week nomination… Chris Espinosa, computer geek legend.

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