10 Geek Movies You Must See!

10 Geek Movies You Must See!

The stereotypical geek has been portrayed on the Hollywood silver screen for many years. Some geek movies feature a geeky protagonist, and others are made for a geeky audience. In any case, geek movies have become a mainstay of American cinema. This is Geek Trio’s rundown of 10 “must see” geek flicks (15 if you count the runners up).

10. Office Space (1999): I know…it’s kinda cliché, but Office Space is not only a geek cult classic, it’s a great example of what a simple programming error can do.


9. The Terminator (1984): It’s another geek cult classic, and a great story about time travel and robots. He’ll be baaack!


8. WarGames (1983): Matthew Broderick plays a young geek who hacks into the military’s most powerful supercomputer. He just wants to play a game, but the result is a nuclear missile scare that escalates into World War III…almost.


7. Back to the Future (1985): The movie that had everyone saying “1.21 jigawatts” and “flux capacitor.” What’s geekier than that?


6. TRON (1982): A geek movie that was way ahead of its time. This was the first time we saw the action take place inside of a computer, paving the way for movies like The Matrix.


5. Star Wars (1977): This is, without a doubt, the most iconic Sci-Fi film ever made! It’s so geeky that it has defined an entire genre of geeks.


4. Real Genius (1985): One of the best geek comedies ever made! The plot included lasers, computers, satellites, flying gyroscopes, dental transceivers, a team of geniuses, and a whole lot of humor.


3. Weird Science (1985): This is the quintessential geek love story! The two biggest geeks in the school can’t get a date. They attempt to create a computer-generated girlfriend and end up being the most popular dudes in school. It’s geek paradise.


2. The Matrix (1999): A movie featuring a heavily-armed, geeky (but sexy), female hacker in a rubber dress. What else needs to be said? Seriously…what else needs to be said?


1. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999): The true story of the biggest geeks ever! It’s not only entertaining… it’s geek history. Watch it! Know it! That is all.


Runners up:

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968): The first movie to feature a computer as a character. This is highly irregular. 😉


Blade Runner (1982): This geek cult classic was about illegal aliens…er…replicants. This one is sometimes called “Harrison Ford’s other Sci-Fi movie.”


Gattaca (1997): Building upon Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, this geeky classic presents a new type of stereotyping…genetic.


Revenge of the Nerds (1984): This is the geek version of the classic from zero to hero story.


Napoleon Dynamite (2004): Its hard to find a bigger geek than Napoleon…no matter how hard you look. Gosh!


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