Geek Of The Week: George Crow

Geek Of The Week: George Crow

This week’s featured geek is George Crow. Some of you are probably asking… who the heck is he? Well… in addition to being a current Apple employee, George Crow was one of the members of the original Macintosh team. He worked with several former GOTWs (see photo below) including: Andy Hertzfeld, Chris EspinosaJoanna HoffmanBill Atkinson, Burrell Smith, and the late Steve Jobs. Crow’s contribution to the original Mac was the analog board which housed the power supply and video processor. He also convinced the Mac team to adopt the 3.5″ floppy drive (almost as iconic as the Mac itself).

applecrew Geek Of The Week: George Crow
L to R: Hertzfeld, Espinosa, Hoffman, Crow, Atkinson, and Smith, circa 1984

Crow earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley and his masters from Santa Clara University. He went to work for HP in the 80’s and soon came to work at Apple. When Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985 to found NeXT, Crow followed. He continued to work with Jobs at NeXT, but eventually went to work for a company called SuperMac (which later became UMAX). Crow returned to Apple in 1999, shortly after Steve Jobs became the CEO. He continues to work for Apple to this day.

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