Facebook Challenges Apple Over App Tracking Transparency

Facebook Challenges Apple Over App Tracking Transparency

Many of your remember Apple tried to roll out a new iOS privacy feature back in September and it was challenged by Facebook. The feature, known as App Tracking Transparency, was originally announced in August. It will allow users to opt out of in-app ad tracking. In other words, Facebook would be unable to customize ads to it’s users if they have this feature turned on.

After much contention this fall, Apple decided to delay the feature until 2021. With the new year rapidly approaching, Facebook is again challenging Apple’s logic saying this will hurt millions of small businesses who use Facebook to market their products. Apple argues that the feature will not be enabled by default, but users should be able to opt out of these types of ads if they want to.

One has to ask… if Facebook is so concerned about small business, why don’t they create new pricing tiers that better appeal to businesses with limited budgets. That would make more sense than fighting a tech company who is trying to give people the right to opt out of being tracked.

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