The iPhone 12 May Interfere With Pacemakers

The iPhone 12 May Interfere With Pacemakers

Apple’s iPhone 12 is one of the hottest smartphones on the market. Apple’s HealthKit development framework allows their handsets to keep track of all kinds of new medical information. However, the company also warns against getting the new iPhones too close to your medical devices.

Apple published a safety bulletin on their website recently. In the article they specifically tell users to keep it a “safe distance” from medical devices. The exact verbiage states, “iPhone contains magnets as well as components and radios that emit electromagnetic fields. These magnets and electromagnetic fields may interfere with medical devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators.” This is believed to be a result of the new MagSafe charging technology.

Apple goes on to say the iPhone 12 doesn’t necessarily have more magnetic energy than previous iPhone models, but most analysts feel otherwise. In any case, keep your iPhone away from your pacemaker. Your phone could literally stop your heart.

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