Geek Of The Week: Pietro Maximoff

Geek Of The Week: Pietro Maximoff

If you’ve been watching WandaVision on Disney+, you’re probably as addicted as I am. The two main characters from the show, Wanda Maximoff and Vision, have both been featured as previous GOTWs. At the end of episode 5, Wanda’s twin brother Pietro, also known as Quicksilver, made an appearance.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the siblings were experimented on by Hydra and received supernatural abilities as a result. Pietro gained superhuman speed that allows him to move incredibly fast. He was also featured in the X-men movies prior to the MCU. The role was played by Evan Peters in these films.

Interestingly enough, Pietro died during Avengers: Age of Ultron, so the audience is not sure how’s he’s still alive. Of course, the same can be asked of Vision who is one of the two protagonists. Pietro’s character in the MCU movies was portrayed by Aaron Johnson. Ironically, Peters is playing Pietro in WandaVision, so it seems like Marvel is trying to Merge the two universes. One thing is for sure… WandaVision has us hooked.

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