Major Power Outage Hits Texas & Other Areas

Major Power Outage Hits Texas & Other Areas

As a resident of Texas, I can attest to the fact that we’ve only had about 5-6 hours of power in the last 24. The state’s energy commission (ERCOT) is initiating rolling blackouts to conserve energy. ERCOT claimed outages would last 45-60 minutes but clearly… that’s not what is happening. I’m able to post this during one of our short supplies of power. Add to that, negative temperatures – which are extremely rare in Texas – due to the winter storm and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Texas is not the only state affected, as the map above indicates, but it is the largest outage in the US right now.

There are conflicting accounts as to why this is happening, but it’s clearly a failure of the energy leadership. This state prides itself in it’s electrical stability and they aren’t even able to supply heat to the state when it’s needed most. ERCOT claims this outage is affecting a million people but there’s simply no way that’s true. Most of the DFW metroplex is without power and that’s at least 3 million people, as DFW’s population exceeds 7 million.

In any case, we hope everyone affected in all states is able to find warmth and stay safe during this difficult time.

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