Microsoft Has A Vision For HoloLens

Microsoft Has A Vision For HoloLens

Microsoft’s Ignite conference took place (virtually) today and the company unveiled their plans for the future of HoloLens. A new product called Microsoft Mesh will enable VR communication worldwide. It has a bit of a sci-fi vibe and is heavily influenced by the pandemic.

Imagine being able to attend a birthday party with relatives in a different state… or a different country. Visualize entering a meeting room with your coworkers from around the world and interacting with them, without ever leaving your home office. Imagine kids having a actual classroom experience, without leaving their bedrooms. That’s what Mesh aims to accomplish.

Powered by Microsoft’s Azure technology, the product will probably take another decade to develop. Early version will depict users as avatars while eventually, those avatars will become realistic version of themselves. It’s a cross between amazing and creepy.

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