Geek Of The Week: Brian Carver

Geek Of The Week: Brian Carver

It’s been a while since I featured a musical instrument maker as a GOTW, so I figured it was about time. This week’s geek, Brian Carver, is the owner/operator of Carver Banjos, an Indiana-based company that sells DIY banjo kits.

Carver built his first banjo when he was a teenager after he saw some old DIY banjo plans in an instructional book. It turns out he had a knack for it. Over the 15 years or so, he built banjos for himself and others selling many of them on eBay. Eventually, Carver got the idea to produce banjo kits so other people could build their own.

Here’s the ironic thing, Carver is a licensed pilot who went to professional flight school. He wanted to be a commercial airline pilot but ended up finding his calling was banjos. It’s funny how the world works. Carver has sold thousands of kits since he started and they shipped to almost every corner of the world.

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