Slack Introduces Huddles

Slack Introduces Huddles

During the pandemic of 2020 (and 2021) many workers have been working from home. This led to huge popularity by collaboration apps like Zoom, Teams, and Slack. As vaccines rollout worldwide, some companies are continuing this model into the future while others are returning to their corporate campuses.

It’s true remote workforces have certain advantages, but they also have certain drawbacks. one drawback is the lack of lightweight conversation (e.g. water cooler chats). Instead of simply dropping by a coworkers desk, users tend to schedule 1/2-hour meetings on camera. Slack just added a new feature called Huddles that aims to bring that functionality to the digital world.

At first blush, Huddles may just sound like VOIP, but it actually accomplishes a different goal. According to Slack’s documentation, “Huddles are particularly useful when you want to discuss a complex topic on the fly without having to negotiate busy calendars, and want a break from being on camera.” The feature simply gives a quick and easy way to start an unscheduled audio conversation.

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