Geek Of The Week: Red Guardian

Geek Of The Week: Red Guardian

If you’ve seen the new Black Widow film, currently in theaters, you probably recognize this week’s GOTW. Red Guardian is a Russian super soldier who acted as a political icon during the cold war. He’s sort of like the Soviet equivalent of Captain America. Red Guardian’s name is Alexei Alanovich Shostakov.

Shostakov was part of a 3-year mission that sent him to infiltrate SHIELD in Ohio. During this mission, he was accompanied by a woman and two young girls. They posed as a family but were not biologically related. The older daughter was Natalia Romanova (former GOTW), better know as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Despite the fact that Shostakov was not Romanova’s biological dad, he acted as a father figure to her. During the new movie, the 4 members of this fake family reunite and take on a new mission. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d recommend you check it out. It’s streaming on Disney+ and also playing in theaters everywhere.

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